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Hi everyone, we are Laura Muthesius & Nora Eisermann, born and based in Berlin.

Nora, who studied fashion design, is working as a (food-) stylist and Laura, who studied photography, is working as a photographer. We decided to write this blog while Laura was feeling unwell due to food-allergies. We started to cook every day together and were looking for new recipes quite often but were never really satisfied with what we found. Our aim was to create delicious gluten free cake recipes that taste as good as a normal cake. At that time it was nearly impossible to find a piece of gluten free cake in a coffee shop in Berlin and the rare gluten free sweets in an organic shop didn’t really tasted good. So we started to create our own recipes and it worked out so well that we wanted to share them. All our recipes are gluten free and vegetarian, some are vegan, some refined sugar free.

Our studio was located in the countryside for a very long period, then we moved to our first own studio in Berlin and in 2020 we decided to go back to the countryside and shared the whole kitchen renovation here.

Nature is what inspires us most – apple and pear trees, berries, cherries, walnuts, elderberries, fresh herbs and many more things are growing in our garden. Almost all the food, that we use for our recipes and in our daily life is from an organic shop, from our garden or from the local farmers market.

As we love to share our food with other people, family and friends and are excited to photograph dinner tables at the most remote spots we started the series Dinner Stories.

Next to our love for food we have a huge passion for good design and interior. Check out our series Designtales to see more from our home and studio and get some interior inspiration from other homes as well.

We hope you enjoy Our Food Stories and thank you so much for stopping by!

Nora & Laura

Portrait by talented ©Frida Edlund