Hi Nina, please introduce yourself :
Hi, I’m Nina, a Copenhagen-based designer. I live on Nørrebro – my favourite Copenhagen district. In total, I’ve been working with design for more than 10 years and for the past year and half I’ve been running my own business at my own company, Nina Bruun Creative Consultancy.  Over time I’ve putted together an amazing team and we’re now working on many exciting projects.
I grew up in my childhood home a bit north of Copenhagen, a house with a wonderful garden and family just around the corner. My parents still live there and I love to visit them as often as possible.

In which room do you spend most of your time?
It actually depends on the season. During the summer, I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and my balcony, which is located in extension of my kitchen. The balcony is filled with plants, flowers, herbs and vegetables so it almost resembles a mini version of the garden I grew up with.
During winter I spend most of my time in my living room.

What’s your favorite oldest interior piece and what’s your favorite latest purchase?
I have quite a few items that have followed me for many years and one of them is my big green vase. It’s really old and I just love to display it in the apartment – with or without flowers.
My latest purchase is the Astep lamp that hangs over my dining table. I’d been looking at it for a long time before I finally bought it.

What’s your favorite book or which book do you read at the moment?
One of my favourite books is The Anatomy of Colour by Patrick Baty. I love to read about other creatives to learn about their approaches, processes and creative universes.

Does Art play a role in your life?
It really does, both personally and professionally. When working, art is an endless source of inspiration and I get completely fascinated when seeing exhibitions etc.
Privately, I’ve always been surrounded by art in my childhood and it’s something I’ve taken with me. Art is many different things, and I appreciate small, unknown artists as much as the recognised ones. I have a special love for objects and sculptures or things that balance between art and design.

How would your dream living situation look like?
To me, the most important thing is to be surrounded by the people and things I love. As mentioned, I grew up with a garden so it’s rooted in me to be close to nature and fresh air. A combination of those things would probably be my dream living situation.

Which interior piece do you want to buy soon?
Ready Made Curtain from Kvadrat. It’s a beautiful way to have curtains as they appear light but still so characteristic. They would play a large part in my interior style.

Would you tell us a few of your favorite design shops?
The General Store, a small design store in inner Copenhagen with a hand-picked selection of ceramics and carefully selected home accessories.
STORM as they are a trendsetting fashion and lifestyle store in Europe. The store is also a conceptual platform where commercial and artistic expression meet.
Finally, the Normann Copenhagen store at Østerbro is really beautiful. It’s an old cinema and the architecture is really amazing. And of course the varying exhibitions.

If someone would gift you a second flat or house where would it be?
My parents have a summerhouse on Zealand which functions as my second (or third?) house. If they didn’t have that one, it would be everything I could wish for in a house. Otherwise, I wouldn’t complain about a house in southern europe, close to the water, or an apartment in Milan.

What’s your next travel destination?
I’m spending most of my summer vacation in Greece with a good friend of mine. It’s been some busy couple of months at the office so I’m really looking forward to the relaxation.

What’s your all time favorite travel destination?
Milan has a huge place in my heart, both professionally and personally. The design week is by far the most important event of the year, and I look forward to go every year.

What’s your favorite music/song at the moment?
At the moment I listen a lot to Maxwell and his album “Urban Hang Suite” – it’s from 1996 but still just as good.

If someone visits Copenhagen for the first time, which places would you recommend to go to?
Go on a canal tour! It’s just a great way to experience the city districts, the architecture and history. Then visit Thorvaldsens Museum and enjoy the beautiful colors, patterns and sculptures. If you’re a food enthusiast like myself, Torvehallerne is worth a visit and end the day by eating at restaurant FRANK. Besides, I would recommend everyone to take the time to just walk around Copenhagen and enjoy the city. Use all your senses and soak up the city.

Tell us 3 of your favorite Instagram accounts:

@flackstudio, interior and design. They have a great energy and even though they often work with heavy materials, they make it look modern and light. I appreciate their design language and visual identity.
@kvadrattextiles for their great work, products and color univers.
@le21eme has a great eye for details. I love to follow the world of fashion through his lenses and I’m always really inspired by his photos – even though it’s another field than my own.