Dinner Stories

Food always tastes better, when it’s shared! And following a certain diet doesn’t mean, that you have to eat alone. This series is all about gathering with other people. Get to know other foodies, have a look into their kitchens and enjoy recipes, that are easy to prepare.

Image for A Gathering at Signe Bay’s Studio

Dinner Stories – Mar 05, 2017

A Gathering at Signe Bay’s Studio

We spent the last week in Copenhagen, one of our favorite cities, and it could’nt have been more wonderful! We also had to work some of the days, but most of the time was just about meeting friends and strolling through the city. The weather was not on our side though, but who cares in such a beautiful city!?

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Dinner Stories – Apr 26, 2015

Dinner-Stories: with Signe Bay

Sometimes you just need to escape, leave everything behind and take a break no matter how much other things and how much work is waiting for you. This is exactly what we did last week.

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Dinner Stories – Oct 26, 2014

Dinner-Stories: with Ilenia Martini

We are so excited to start our new series "Dinner Stories" on the blog now. As we love to share our food with other people, family and friends we want to start the series Dinner Stories. The tought behind this series is to show people (who are not used to eat gluten-free) how easy and delicious it is, to prepare gluten-free meals and that you don't have to eat alone, if you have to follow a certain diet. And of course, it's also nice to have a glimpse in other kitchens, right?!

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